Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Homecoming

      This Saturday is the annual Eddyville Charter School homecoming that will be held at the Eddyville Community Center at 7-11 PM. This year's sophomores have decided on the theme of a "Fairytale Formal."
      To get students active, this year, the sophomores are offering $1 off all tickets for whichever high school class can decorate their specific hall the best. Each class has given a certain theme they are based off of and are required to decorate their assigned hall. Winners will be announced Wednesday morning.
      Another activity offered to students all around the school is spirit week!!! Dressing up like the theme of each day is a harmless event which can be quite fun. 

Monday- Superhero Day: Dress like your favorite hero
Tuesday-Formal Day: Get formal for the day
Wednesday-70's & 80's Day: Groovy-fy yourself for this day
Thursday-Orange & Black Day: Show your school spirit
Saturday-DANCE: Dance the night away:)

Dragon Drawing Lessons!!!

New at Eddyville Charter!

3rd grade, Miss Charlie Moore, our newest artist in residence, is teaching dragon drawing lessons in the reading room. Unfortunately, she only teaches Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but her class sizes are booming!! Meeting their maximum capacity, Miss Charlie Moore, is very excited about the newest and greatest idea to entertain students. Kudos to you, the soon-to-be-Picasso, we hope to see more unique classes in the future.

First Friday

         This year, Eddyville Charter School, has hosted a second-season celebration to share the love of reading. This new special occasion will be held on, of course, every first Friday of every month.
         Children's special someone in their lives are welcome to come and read to their child as well as other children in the class. Volunteers are also asked to join each month as a extravagant guest and begin the theme of each month.
         This First Friday's theme was DOGS! Along with reading their favorite stories to their family members, students were also given the opportunity to read to therapy dogs. Needless to say, this was only the beginning for magnificent First Fridays to come.
        A special thank you to Oregon Coast Therapy Animals, Eddyville's high school students who made dog books to read to the children, as well as, to my parent volunteers who took time out of their day to come read.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A HUGE thank you to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund

My reading group would like to send a HUGE thank you to the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund for their donation of $1835.00 for leveled guided reading books.

Reading Room

Eddyville Charter School teachers had a vision that if students could read then they would be successful in life.  Eddyville Charter School promotes reading instruction for ninety minutes each day in grades K - 8.  Students are to read nightly for twenty minutes independently or with a parent or caregiver daily.  I teach second and third grade reading; this year we adopted the Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading System, a one-on-one comprehensive assessment to determine independent and instructional guided reading levels. With this program I am able to: 

*  Determine my students' independent & instructional reading levels.        
*  Determine reading placement levels and group students for reading instruction.
*  Select texts that will be productive for student's instruction.
*  Identify students who need intervention.
*  Document student progress across a school year and across grade levels.
*  Inform parent during conferences.    
Because I send home a letter informing parents of their child's reading level, parents are able to go to the library for appropriate leveled reading materials. 

Students demonstrate huge reading gains with this program. Research shows that for every one hundred books a student reads at their level, they should progress to the next step.


This year, Eddyville Charter School is offering a fresh online learning environment (Insight) which has class offerings as individual yet educational courses for students who want/need classes not provided at Eddyville Charter School. This program is used in most Lincoln County Schools and has an excellent success rate.
Insight provides a unique curriculum which presents students with more than 120 courses. Programs include foundational, comprehensive, elective, A.P., and vocational & skill building divisions.
Any and every class a student takes, an online instructor will be behind them 100% to give help and guidance. Also in person at Eddyville is Debby Rariden , the facilitator who is charting student success rates.
This computer curriculum originated in Lincoln County, aiming for the concept of an online charter school. Yet because of denial by the state, Insight has become a private online learning program to meet students individual education statures.
Insight is believed to become a great addition for student to benefit their futures.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dr. Seuss Week

Our Dr.Seuss Week was a magnificent success! The week was spent reading every single Dr.Seuss book written and  published. We ended the week with a school wide hat parade. Thank you to all of the participating parents for volunteering your time and effort to help make Dr.Seuss week possible.

Let the hat parade begin.